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Plainville Community Schools
Recommending a Strategy:
Board Budget for 2015-2016


Date Time Description
10/15/14   Budget Call Goes Out to Administrators
12/1/14   Superintendent and Director of Business and Operations Review Administrator Budget
12/8/14 7:00 pm Regular Board Meeting, Adopt Budget Calendar & Capitol Budget MSP Auditorium
1/8/15 6:00 pm Pre-Budget Meeting between Board and Council MSP Auditorium
1/12/15 7:00 pm Regular Board Meeting , MSP Auditorium
1/21/15 6:30 pm Board Budget Development Meeting, PHS Library, Board of Education Stratigic Plan/Supt's Budget Presentation
1/22/15 6:30 pm Board Budget Development Meeting, Plainville High School Library Board Budget Work Session
1/27/15 6:30pm Board Budget Worksession, Plainville High School Library
2/9/15 7:00 pm Regular Board MeetingóVote on Budget MSP Auditorium
3/2/15 7:00 pm Town Manager/Superintendent present budget to Council, Plainville Municipal CenteróCouncil Chambers
3/5/15 7:00pm Town Manager/Superintendent present budget at Public Hearing Plainville Municipal Center--Council Chambers
3/9/15 7:00pm Regular Board Meeting, MSP Auditorium
TBD 6:30pm Board/Council Budget Worksession(s), Council Chambers
4/6 or 4/7 7:00pm Hearing on the Budget, Council Chambers -TENTATIVE
4/9/15 7:00pm Special Town Council Meeting to review Budget after Public Forum
Week of 4/13/15 6:30pm BOE Workshop on Budget adjustments (if necessary)
4/13/15 7:00pm Regular Board Meeting, Plainville High School Cafeteria
4/28/15 6am-8pm All Day Budget Vote, Fire House
4/30/15 7:00pm If Budget fails, Special TC Meeting to hear public comments & Review budget
5/4 or 5/5 7:00pm Town Council Meeting to review budget (if necessary) Council Chambers - TENTATIVE
5/12/15 6am-8pm All Day Budget Vote, (if necessary) Fire House
5/18 or 5/19 7:00pm Special TC Meeting to review and revise failed budget (if necessary) Council Chambers-TENTATIVE


Contact Information

For additional information about the budget, please contact:

Steven M. Michaud
Director of Administration and Personnel, Plainville Community Schools
One Central Square
Plainville, CT 06062
Phone: (860) 793-3210 x205